Russell-Cotes Museum in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I’ve been to Bournemouth in the UK a couple of times and years ago whilst there for the first time I visited the Russell-Cotes Museum. Ever since, I’ve been dying to visit again as the building, situated on East Cliff overlooking the sea left such an impact on me. So when I recently visited the city again this art gallery and museum was one of my first stops.

Russell-Cotes is a spectacular seaside villa from the Victorian times. Inside there are paintings, sculptures and all sorts of artefacts from around the world. In fact, the original owners, Annie and Merton Russell-Cotes created the home together and collected objects during their travels across the globe. It is this interesting mix of culturally/geographically-located artefacts that make the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum what it is today.

At present the facade of the museum is being renovated, so the above photo doesn’t really do justice to the beauty that is Russell-Cotes, but it gives you an idea of the originality of the architecture nonetheless. In fact, the museum was built as a dedication to Mr Russell-Cotes’ wife, Annie and it is an embodiment of the love they shared. Upon their deaths, the building and all artworks were left to the city of Bournemouth.

Furthermore, the museum comprises permanent exhibitions but also some changing ones. Rooms go from modern, light and airy to colourful, rich and vibrant – a juxtaposition you simply cannot miss.

By far my favourite place inside the Russell-Cotes Museum is this incredibly colourful balustrade which shows this mergence of colour, design and culture – all brought together under one roof. And who would’ve thought that red and green go so well together?

Moreover, no two rooms are alike inside the museum and each give a different atmosphere and create a different impression on the visitor. This is done through the unique placement of sculptures and paintings.

So if you’re visiting Bournemouth in the UK or exploring the southern coastline, be sure to stop at the Russell-Cotes Museum – it’s a worthwhile experience that will leave art lovers yearning for more.