Amalienborg Palace and Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen is home to the Danish royals and comprises four buildings of the same style with rococo interiors. In the 1700s the royals initially occupied Christiansborg (another palace in the city) but this was burnt to the ground and hence the need to move the family to Amalienborg.

At the palace you can see the changing of the guard at 12 noon each day. Don’t expect anything too flashy – this royal family is down-to-earth despite being the oldest monarchy in the world. Nonetheless, the changing of the guard is an interesting spectacle of young Danish lads in the appropriate attire.And while you’re there, be sure to marvel at the very regal buildings in the area too. There are some stately mansions and also various (and expensive) designer boutiques and interior design stores.

Additionally, I highly recommend a visit to Amalienborg Museum which is what I consider a perfect, small and glorious museum, ideal for an hour’s trip. It’s situated directly at the palace itself (in one of the four main buildings). At the museum I visited the temporary exhibition entitled From the Royal Attics (on until February 2017) which was absolutely fascinating. Basically, you are able to view over 2000 objects dug out from the royal family’s attic (some of which date back to 300 years ago). This exhibition was the highlight of my trip to Amalienborg Museum and Palace. It shows great insight into the lives and history of the Danish royal family and presents a nostalgia that got me thinking about my own family history too.

After the museum and while you are in the area you can take a walk down to Amaliehaven for a view of the opera house and an impressive fountain. You can also walk to the famous statue of The Little Mermaid more easily from here.